2/20/2018 Scott I have had the pleasure of working with Brian/Mitch/team for the past 9 years with my 2000 M5. Service has been done correctly, pricing has been competitive, and I look forward to working with them in my next M5. I would recommend Southlake European to anyone looking for responsive and reliable service with attention to detail.
2/6/2018 Stefan Yotz Candidly, if you are within a reasonable driving distance for SLE, I don't know why you would take your car anywhere else. I was pleasantly surprised now some years ago when looking for a shop closer to me, that my cold call to SLE discovered the owners/managers were folks I already knew from a previous shop. PLEASANT SURPRISE!! Since then, they have done work on 5 different BMWs for me and various family members, including my *insistence* that family take their cars here for even basic service because of my confidence in them. Brian and team are reliable, knowledgeable and honestly appear to be always looking out for me, not just booking the next service. As my home skills are improving to do my own work, Brian is the FIRST guy to say "you know.. you should (and can) do this work, you don't want to pay us for something you can easily do." I am floored by that, and the outlook of customer service, not just the next billable hour of shop time. I know that when I bring my car in for work I cannot do, or maintenance its just easier for them to do, that it will be done quickly, reliably and affordably. Don't lie to yourself that XYZ brand is "really expensive to maintain".. ALL of them are from common domestic through foreign brands, and finding reliable, affordable and excellent service is the only way to go. As my F32 is now outside of warranty.. while that doesn't excite me inherently, what it DOES mean is that I will look to SLE as my primary source of maintenance and repair as needed, rather than the lackluster (or worse) local stealerships. Well done SLE, and I look forward to watching your continued success flourish!
10/11/2017 Louella Mitch McElroy was the most helpful service advisor I've had to work with in the 4 years and three states I've lived in since buying my car. Have to admit they were better than the several BMW dealers I had been to. Kept me informed every step of the very fast service and answered all my questions. Very reasonably priced and glad to be a new customer of theirs. I will definitely being going back in six months.
9/2/2015 Tim Brian and the crew at South Lake European are outstanding. Fair, competitively priced, and trustworthy service. Their warranty is a testament to the fact that they stand behind the quality of their work. They are always willing to help prioritize repairs based on safety, performance and budget. Highly recommended mechanics.
4/1/2015 rebecca johnson I own a Z3 convertible which has had multiple mystifying problems. Every time I'd turn around there was another light on the dash. Brian worked diligently and patiently with me over the months to eliminate the problems. He was very good at getting coverage through the warranty company, so my outlay of cash was less than it would have been. I found him to be honest and kind. My car was always put in the garage at night because of the soft top, I was given credit when a problem wasn't solved, and parts were ordered ahead of time so my car could be serviced in an amazingly short amount of time. Still wish they'd detail it though....(hint, hint).
11/20/2014 Gina Championsmith I feel incline to write this review because every time I take my car in for service I get such excellent service from Jordan as he checks in my car and explains what is going on with it and then there is Stephan as he shuttles me to my destination. They both have excellent customer service skills and that with the excellent service I get from SLE mechanics, I have no reason to go anywhere else. Thanks for keeping my car running and for your excellent service!
11/16/2014 Elaine Posey I've posted a 5 star review previously, but I have to do it again because I still can't believe the level of service that SLE consistently provides. I had a light out, and was quoted 2 prices, since it was not clear which light was needing a replacement. One was pretty expensive while the other was only a couple of bucks. I took it in and was told it was the $2 light. I was expecting to wait, but it was done in a matter of minutes. The honesty was refreshing! Another time we were heading out of town with a full car of folks, and another light went on. We stopped in, and Brian walked to the auto store next door and had us on the road within 10 minutes. These guys are full of knowledge and integrity. They take the time to listen, explain and give the best deal possible. I feel fortunate and confident that SLE are there for us.
6/5/2014 Jino C Just wanted to drop a few lines of praise for the staff over at SLE. These guys are professional, reliable, and make your typical visit to an auto shop a pleasure rather than a pain. They have been my Go-To shop post warranty coverage and they have been fantastic in servicing my car. Do yourself a favor, visit other shops, get their quotes and feel them out then head over to SLE. You'll prefer them over the other places. A+
5/30/2013 Jon J. If you own a European car and need service or repair? This is your shop. The principal employees have significant history in service and repair of highline makes like BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, and Mini. More than that, though--they are intensely focused on customer experience. They want customers to ensure they are well-informed about their issue; they will do what it takes to diagnose the problem and, when possible, offer repair options; and truly go out of their way to ensure customers are satisfied. It's worth the drive to Renton. Trust me.
5/5/2013 Crow T. I have returned to my posting to change my negative review into a positive one. I certainly felt like the odd man out amidst all of their glowing reviews. I'm glad the situation changed such that I could leave a positive note as well. Since making my initial posting, I was contacted directly by Derek, the Owner of South Lake European. He courteously asked if I had the time to chat with him regarding my experience. He was even polite enough to provide his personal line, in case I missed him. What caused me to give my review a complete 180 is how graciously Derek took ownership of the complaint. I feel that he really took the time to listen to my concerns, and he seemed entirely heartfelt in his desire that I would reconsider using South Lake European again int future if I ever needed. We talked and he related his shop's guiding principle and drive to be intensely customer focused. In our discussion we were able to come to a consensus as to where my relationship with the shop may have gone off track. He was gracious enough to offer solutions that were workable and fair. I don't feel that it is very often that businesses take online reviews very seriously the way South Lake has. In fact, I certainly was expecting nothing of it, as I felt I was just generally relaying my life experiences and feelings. Beyond that I notice when a business does reply it's either an excuse or a retaliation against the complainant. So I am floored that South Lake and it's team would take such gracious step to ensure that every custom is satisfied.I let Derek know how much I appreciated his courtesy and his candor in this matter, and that despite my initial misgivings, he has a great staff. At this point, I'd be more than happy to recommend South Lake European to anyone. ORIGINAL POSTING LEFT UP FOR CONTEXTSouth Lake European did not live to their reputation when it came to the services I received there. I initially brought in my vehicle to have an issue I was having diagnosed and assessed. I explained the issue, and what I believed was the root cause and what I thought should be investigated. When I was called about my car, I was given their assessment which revealed that they had not investigated the key engine area that I indicated they should investigate for me. Basically I was told they could not find the cause of the issue, but offer a listed of parts they could replace just in case. I declined , and paid the diagnostic cost. despite feeling that the work I had requested has NOT in fact been completed. I should have made an issue, but I was confident at the time, based on reputation, they could at least install the parts to fix the issue if I provided them. To wit, this something I discussed while picking up the car. I ordered the after market parts recommended to fix my issue, which is quite common with my vehicle at the mileage it has, and set up a new appointment for an install. I explained what I what wanted done, and why I felt it was important and everything was set. I received a call later explaining that the work I had requested could Not in fact be done, because despite recommending themselves for my type of vehicle, they do not have the part necessary to preform the services I request. Now it's not like I wanted something weird for my car like a RWD conversion, what I need is actually super common for my car, but they can't do it because they don't have a fairly inexpensive removal tool that they could use over and over again for a popular upgrade. I ended up having to travel much further away to have my work completed at another shop. When they investigated the side of the engine where I knew the problem would lie it relieved that I was in fact correct and it was related to a common issue that could be fixed with the parts I provided. They also discovered another potentially serious issue and were able to corrected that in the same servicing. I will now use this shop for all of my vehicular needs. I don't wish to be entirely negative, so I will close with this. I did find the staff of south Lake European to be quite courteous.I am very grateful to Brian at South Lake for contacting me immediately to try to let me know that they would not in fact be able to perform the requested service that he had scheduled. When I missed his initial call he was even kind enough to provide his personal cell number so I could call to discuss matters with him. He was apologetic and courteous about my decision to go elsewhere. I understand that this shop is relatively new about a year old or so at the time of this writing, and it has already generated a great reputation which I'm sure they generally live up to. I'm sure also, that they'll eventually have every part they need to perform all the services for the cars they claim to specialize in. However, I felt incredibly let down by this experience, so while I thank them for their followup courtesy and apology, I do not plan on retuni